Why California Hemp Is Such a Versatile Plant

Hemp is a truly amazing plant because it is extremely versatile. However, most people only associate it with cannabis for smoking either medically or recreationally. In this blog, we give you a run-down of some of the most unusual uses for our 100% organic, California grown hemp. There’s a lot more to this crop than you might think….

California hemp in the cosmetics industry

You might not believe it, but hemp is actually a highly prized ingredient in the world of cosmetics. Shop around in the stores or online and you’ll come across a huge range of products that feature this star crop. Fancy an indulgent pampering session at home? Consider using a hemp bodywash and following it up with a cleansing hemp face mask. And then, why not try rubbing a little hemp seed oil into your skin? Since hemp seeds have such a high fat content, they make a wonderfully hydrating moisturizer. If you haven’t tried hemp cosmetics, you’re missing out!

Hemp as a hard-wearing fabric for clothes

Now, don’t go thinking of the tree-hugging, hippy stereotype clad in outlandish garments; hemp is used as a fabric in perfectly conventional shirts and pants. In fact, it offers considerable advantages over cotton as it is more lightweight, stronger and longer lasting. Not only that but hemp clothes are very breathable, so you’ll often find hemp used by companies specializing in outdoor wear for hiking and rock climbing. And, being an ethical, sustainable and environmentally-friendly fabric, hemp clothes are currently seeing a great rise in popularity.

CBD oil made with organic hemp

CBD oil is fast taking root across the globe as a favorite product for aiding relaxation, easing anxiety and helping with depression. You probably knew this came from hemp, but there’s still a lot of confusion over its relationship with cannabis, and people often think it’s just another way to get high. Of course, this isn’t the case at all. CBD oil is not psychoactive, but it certainly does come from the hemp plant. CBD is prepared by taking the hemp and putting it through a process of distillation. The distillate can then be put into a wide range of CBD products. You can read more about CBD on our Usage page. 

Organic, California grown hemp seeds for eating

If you mention hemp and food, the first thing most people think of is weed brownies or edibles. We’re talking about something totally different here – hemp seeds. In flavor, these sit somewhere between a sunflower seed and a pine nut, and they’re very good for you as they’re full of omega 3 fatty acids. They’re not psychoactive at all and they can be used in salads as a tasty, healthy topping. (If you toast them in a dry pan first, you’ll get a nicer texture and a better flavor.) They can even be used in hummus and pesto!

So there you have it, our run-down of just why California hemp is such a versatile plant. From cosmetics and clothing to gourmet cuisine, this plant really does it all! If you’d like to order our 100% natural, California grown hemp today, contact the team at:



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