California Grown Hemp

World-class hemp grown in California, USA
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california grown hemp

Rich soil, the perfect climate and natural California sunshine make an exceptional high quality product.

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What makes California hemp so good?

Why is California hemp a world leading product? It all comes down to our climate.

It’s often said that California won the geography lottery! This is because the climate of the region is perfectly suited to growing everything from grapes and oranges to our wonderful hemp.

Hemp is one of our region’s most famous crops, with discerning customers and producers preferring the quality and consistency of our hemp crops to any other on the global market.

How do we ensure our quality?

Blessed with such perfect growing conditions here in the Santa Cruz region of California, we don’t need to use anything artificial to get the best from our hemp. We let the glorious sunshine and the long growing season take care of that.

In order to go the extra mile, though, we take great care to make sure our soil stays rich and fertile. To do this, we use our expertise to prepare the land for optimum hemp growth. For instance, we use crop rotation so that the new crop gets the benefit of the previous one.

All natural, baby!

We’re proud to say that we are 100% natural.

We distribute nothing but 100% natural, 100% organic grown hemp flowers from our California farms across the USA and the world.

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We support hemp brokers, wholesalers, distributors, dispensaries and e-commerce platforms selling hemp products. (That means everything from hemp flowers and CBD oil to CBD isolate, distillate and biomass.)

We make it our business to exceed expectations when it comes to the consistency, reliability and quality of our hemp.