Stuck for Gift Ideas this Christmas? How About Hemp?

Can you believe it’s Christmas again already? We certainly feel like this year has absolutely flown by! No doubt the ongoing covid-19 situation has affected our perception of time! Be that as it may, we’re all here once again and it’s time to celebrate as best we can. As ever, the hunt is on for those perfect gifts to show how much you care; and if you’re stuck for ideas then look no further because right now, there is a huge array of exciting hemp-based gifts on the market that are perfect to give your friends, family and even your pets! We’ve rounded up some of the most attractive options here to give you a bit of hemp Christmas present inspiration.

Hemp Underwear

We all know that underwear at Christmas is a classic if somewhat dull gift. However, with hemp socks and hemp underclothes you can really spice this one up. Hemp as a fabric has been popular for a long time now and is continually being improved to sit more comfortably against the skin. (Levi’s even offers a line of hemp jeans.) The great appeal about this gift is that hemp underwear is more than just an amusing novelty – it’s sustainable too. 

Hemp Teas

Tea works wonderfully as a gift at Christmas. Carefully designed, luxurious packaging and sumptuous additional ingredients make tea selections totally worthy of a place under any Christmas tree. Choose a range of specialist hemp teas or opt for a tea selection from around the world that features a hemp tea or two. Either way, it’s a lovely hemp Christmas gift idea that will bring some much needed calm into the lives of your loved ones.      

CBD Toiletries

We’ve chosen another spin on a classic Christmas gift here. CBD is really trending in the cosmetics industry at the moment and you’ll find it in everything from toothpaste, shampoos and shower gels to hand soap, lip balms and moisturizers. There are some beautiful gift sets out there that not only work wonders for the body but also for the mind. Alternatively, you can put your own set together. The advantage here is that you get to personalize your selection for the special people in your life. Grab a cute woven basket, some festive packaging materials and Christmas ribbon and go curate and create! 

CBD Oils for Pets

And last but not least, we really can’t leave out our pets. These guys are a part of the family too and deserve a gift at Christmas time. Did you know that you can now find CBD oil designed especially for cats and dogs? As well as helping to ease anxiety and stimulate their appetites, CBD oil can help with joint pain in those older pets that aren’t as sprightly as they used to be. The nice thing about these products is that the CBD oil is specially flavored to appeal to our furry friends.

So we hope that’s given you some exciting ideas for hemp gifts this Christmas, and shown you just how versatile our amazing crop really is. And if you would like to order our 100% natural, organic California grown hemp today then contact the team on:

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