The Brits and Their Thriving Hemp Tea Market

Did you know that hemp infused tea is now selling very successfully in the UK? …Trust those Brits!

Here in the US, we often see the Brits as a funny old lot, don’t we? Our stereotypes include the idea that all British people have bad teeth and that they all either have cockney accents or personally know the Queen. (All of which is totally inaccurate, of course!) However, as we are assured by one of our close industry contacts in the UK, there is one stereotype that is absolutely true: the Brits love drinking tea. 

Yes, in the UK tea is drunk in much the same way that we drink coffee – it’s the go-to hot beverage for any time of day or night, with everyone from doctors to plumbers enjoying tea quite unceremoniously. Knowing this, we weren’t at all surprised to learn that hemp infused tea is now gracing the shelves of the UK’s stores. Not only is it available but it’s selling rather well to this nation of tea-lovers!

An ethical vision

One UK tea company in particular is worth zooming in on. The world they inhabit may not be that of natural Californian hemp, but we really admire these guys – they’re called Clipper and they’re very ethically-minded. Their hemp tea infusions consist of two memorably named varieties:  “Groovy Ginger Organic Infusion” and “Karma Mama Organic Infusion”, both of which are soothing blends containing hemp seeds. (You can check them out here on the Clipper website.)

As we read in this article from New Food Magazine, Clipper can claim to be the first UK tea company to have acquired Fairtrade status. Back in 1994 they were leading the way in getting fairer standards for farmers all over the world. Now they focus on sustainable packaging solutions. Asked about the move into hemp, the company said: “Hemp and CBD are trending, and given that Clipper is a pioneering brand, we wanted to create a range of calming hemp infusions that appeal to our growing Gen Z conscious shoppers – a consumer tribe we refer to as ‘Generation Tea’. These consumers care about what they put into their bodies and how it impacts the world around them.”

As specialist growers of organic hemp in California, what’s especially interesting to us is the social element. We know just how stubborn some sections of society can be when it comes to anything remotely connected to hemp. People just hear the word hemp and think – cannabis… illegal drugs… it’s a big fat no from me! But if something so traditional in the UK as drinking tea can harmonize with the hemp industry, then this is awesome! What we have is a beautiful example of conservative culture successfully mixing with challenging new ideas.

Having said this, we mustn’t get ahead of ourselves. We are aware that there’s no THC in these new hemp teas from Clipper. The brand said: “We opted to use hemp seeds pomace, which is a by-product from hemp seed oil production. Ordinarily discarded, this reduces product waste by upcycling the leftover material and utilizes an area of the hemp plant which has an enjoyable mellow taste and no detectable THC.” 

However, this doesn’t matter because THC or no THC, it’s an important start and it’s a way of getting people comfortable with hemp. For some, seeing that package of Clipper hemp tea on the supermarket shelf will be the start of an understanding into the difference between THC and CBD, hemp and cannabis. For others, it will just be a touchpoint with hemp – a significant moment that makes hemp feel less alien, less threatening even, and creates an openness that will grow in the future. This openness will affect not only the individual but also society in general and the political atmosphere, which in turn will ultimately affect the sort of legislation that is developed over the next decade or so.

But stepping away from these visions of the future and back into the present, if you would like to order our 100% natural California grown hemp today, you can contact the team on:

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