Did You Know They Made Houses out of Hemp?

Were you aware that hemp could be used as a building material? It might sound hard to believe but it’s absolutely true! Hemp can be used to construct everything from bike huts to houses. In fact, it’s a far more commonly used material than you might think. And, the use of hemp in the construction industry is now growing in popularity.

According to a news report by Hemp Industry Daily, there has recently been great interest and escalation in the manufacture of hemp for building and construction materials in Canada and across Europe. France, for example, already has around 2 million homes made of hemp. 

In the USA, interest is also on the increase. However, progress is slower here than in other nations because of a degree of cultural resistance to hemp itself. This is due, of course, to hemp’s connection with cannabis and its association with certain drug cultures. Like so much of the wariness that people feel towards hemp, the root of it all is a fundamental misunderstanding. Hemp as a building material is not psychoactive in any way and could never be turned into cannabis for smoking and getting high. It might feel slightly silly to have to state this so explicitly, but, believe us, hemp as a subject is very poorly understood and these muddles can be hugely obstructive. 

With this being said, we at California Grown Hemp feel justifiably optimistic about this public resistance being overcome relatively soon. This is because the real appeal of hemp lies in the fact that it is an extremely eco-friendly product. Hemp concrete actually sequesters carbon rather than releasing it. This means that it is the perfect material for cement and concrete producers who are now looking to achieve net-zero concrete emissions.

From our point of view, as organic hemp farmers based in California, this growing awareness of the versatility of hemp is a real plus. The more the construction industry can take advantage of this amazing crop to improve our planet, the better it will be for all of us.

Of course, whether you’re growing natural hemp to be used for cannabis, CBD oil, gummies or the construction of homes, it has to be of good quality. While the end product might be vastly different, the growing process should stay the same. California grown hemp is a leading product because it is 100% organic, grown using natural techniques, outside and without anything synthetic added. Just the California climate, lots of sunlight and rich soil are all you need to produce exceptional hemp. And, it goes without saying, the specialist know-how to get the best out of the crop!

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