Say Hello to Kush Marijuana – What Is It like and How Does it Affect You?

For anyone who isn’t too familiar with the different varieties of hemp products that are now available, the broad selection can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. We all know the basics – that hemp is a natural product that grows organically all over the world. However, what we don’t all realize is that hemp comes in many forms. In this quick read, we’re going to introduce you to one of them – Kush. We explain what it’s all about and look at its effects.

Cannabis from the mountains

In the world of fine wine, you’ll often hear the connoisseurs use the term “terroir”. This refers to the relationship between the grapes that go into the wine, and the soil and climate in which they’ve been grown. Different areas yield different flavors and qualities and it’s the same with hemp. In the case of Kush, the story begins in the Hindu Kush, which is a fantastic mountain range running through Afghanistan and across the border into Pakistan. The marijuana grows on this mountain range perfectly naturally; but we can also grow this particular strain of hemp, or what you could think of as its offspring, right here in California.

 A sweet and fruity aroma

OK, so we know where Kush is derived from; the next question is what sort of a character does it have? Well, let’s start with its appearance. If you look carefully, you should be able to see “pistils” – these are the tiny orange hairs that grow on the plant. You will also sometimes be able to make out a slight purple shimmer on the hemp leaves. In terms of the smell, Kush is generally quite earthy and floral and sometimes has a sweet and fruity aroma that puts you in mind of citrus fruits. This carries through to the flavor, which is pleasantly smooth.

An introspective effect

So what are the effects of the Kush strain of hemp? Obviously, you’re going to want to know what to expect from it before you use it! One of the most notable qualities of Kush is that it can trigger introspection – reflection on yourself, your friends and family, your life and the world in general. It also has a sedative effect which can be on the heavier side of the range you get with different types of marijuana. If you’re looking to use cannabis in a meditative way then Kush would be a perfect choice.

Grown in California

Our Kush is grown in California and is 100% organic. We use a combination of expert growing techniques and the natural, perfect conditions of the region to produce hemp that is of exceptional quality. Our hemp is in high demand all over the USA for use as cannabis and to serve as the key ingredient in a wide range of hemp products, such as CBD oil and CBD gummies.

If you would like to place an order for the finest, 100% natural grown California hemp today, you can contact us at:

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