Researchers in the UK Build a Classroom Using Hemp!

We’re always interested in hemp news from around the world, and this story from the UK really raised a smile. The BBC News website reported that researchers from the University of Plymouth, a port city in Devon, southwest England (not to be confused with Plymouth, MA) recently built a classroom using hemp!

The team is part of the Sustainable Earth Institute at the university and is using an ancient technique to build a classroom and lab which will then itself be monitored. The building method goes back centuries, some even argue millennia, and is called cob building. This uses subsoil, straw and water to form a basic material that can then be mixed with sand or clay. Hemp may not have been the traditional ingredient of choice, but researchers believe that it might be the best material available today, providing a form of energy-efficient housing that is sustainable. We can’t wait to see the results of this experiment and are obviously rooting for hemp… pun intended!

CBD is thriving in Plymouth, UK 

And while checking out this story, we noticed that Plymouth, UK also happens to have a thriving CBD scene. The region’s local online paper, the Plymouth Herald, reported that the city’s first CBD and hemp coffee shop is due to expand. This move comes after having opened only this year. The paper said: “The need for a new premises already demonstrated just how popular CBD products are in Plymouth with the owner hoping the move will take the coffee shop to the ‘next level’.”

This goes to show just how international the market for CBD has become. In the UK, cannabis is legal for medical use but not for recreational use. CBD products, from edibles and oils to cosmetics are legal, hence the success of shops like this one in Plymouth. 

Change to CBD Law in California

Meanwhile, here in the US, we continue to slowly take steps towards a complete change in the law. Just last week CBD became legal in dietary supplements, food, beverages and cosmetics in California.

Hemp Industry Daily reports that this change opens the world’s fifth largest economy, with an estimated $3.2 trillion gross state product. The publication explained that: “The new law also opens the door for hemp-derived products beyond CBD to be sold in California’s estimated 1,859 medical or adult-use marijuana retailers.”

This is a wonderful development for the hemp industry and comes after three years of ongoing debate and legal and political activity. Natural Products Insider also covered the story and quoted Amin Talati Wasserman, a law firm representing hemp and CBD companies, that said: “The majority of requirements under the new law are similar to existing requirements, but some are unique to California, with possibly more on the way via future regulations – adding to the ever growing patchwork of state laws governing hemp and CBD products.” 

Maintaining the high standards of California grown hemp

As we keep abreast of all the commercial and legal developments in both the domestic and international hemp market, we must keep focused on what we do best – growing exceptional organic hemp. Using the California sun, soil and perfect climate, our 100% natural, organic hemp is a leading product and we mean to keep it that way so that the quality will always speak for itself – whether it ends up in CBD, cannabis, or even, one day perhaps, in the walls of a classroom!

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